Whimsical Mixtape










After last years critically acclaimed debut, "Whimsical Lifestyle", Mojib returns wth a mixtape like no other.
Not really a mixtape in the usual sence. It's not a new album either. This is something else.

It's a sixty minute mix that knows no boundaries as it remixes, mashes and reconstructs tracks from the Whismical Lifestyle LP while adding artists that inspired the album. Maintaining the mixture of styles from his debut album, Mojib takes the original samples one step further and let new styles blend with old. It's two separate mix sessions loaded with a strong passion and dedication for music. The first part features a fast tempo and an upbeat style, similar to Back to the basics. Underground and well-known commercial artists blend together with tracks such as Whimsical lifestyle, Jonsered and Break of dawn.
The second part lets the listener on a darker journey, following the footsteps of past projects such as Requeim with Martin Erlandsson. This piece incorporates the more downtempo tracks from the album such as Untitled and Underneath. As a bonus it also features the upcoming release of Mojibs take on Radioheads Paranoid android (set to be released through Buffet Libres Rewind 2 project in January).

The mixtape is sure to please any fan of Mojib, as well as new. The second part of the mix, which we consider being the best, will be released on N Records as a CD by the end of the year. It's going to be a limited release featuring an extended version of the mix. Sign on to the mailing list to get notified when we have an exact date for the release.

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