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09.07.07 - Mojib - UNKLE Revisited

Mojib continues his UNKLE project under a new name. "UNKLE Revisited" will be Mojibs biggest project since his debut album and is slated for a fall release. For more updated information visit Mojibs own studio blog at

09.04.22 - Mojib on Breakonomics

BreakonomicsThe RTÉ Pulse (Public Service Broadcaster of Ireland) program Breakonomics with Adam F. will be airing an exclusive new mix by Mojib on May the 3rd. The show starts at 10PM and we will link to a podcast version once it has aired.

Updated: MP3 Podcast (Mojibs mix starts five minutes in)

Breakonomics is 2 Hours of the finest Breakbeat music from around the world, mixed by the infamous Adam Fogarty. It’s home to the phattest, baddest beats on the planet and if you don’t believe him? Do come and try. Described as “A young star in the making, and definitely one to watch” Adam has been DJing for over 10 years, where he has held residency in Spirit nightclub as well as creating some of the greatest mix-tapes the Dublin dance scene has heard. He now brings his eclectic mix of old skool and nu skool breaks to RTÉ Pulse every Sunday night between 10pm and 12pm. If it’s Old/ Nu skool breaks, Hyphy, Dub Step, Baltimore Club or Drum n Bass you’re looking for, then look no further. From the breakbeat pioneers of the early eighties right through to today’s leaders of the nu skool, Breakonomics promises to be 2 hour juggernaut of funk, bleeps, beats and bass.


09.04.03 - Mojib VS UNKLE 2009 Blog

Mojib is blogging about the making of the new and improved version of "Mojib VS UNKLE". Currently set for release in July as a limited CD. Please note that this project is not affiliated with Mojibs current label, N Records.

Here is the blog: (Opens in a new window).



08.12.11 - Mojib releases Radiohead cover through Buffet Libre's Rewind 2

Update: Download Mojibs "Paranoid Android" here!

Last year Buffet Libre released it's Rewind project featuring sixty artists covering '80s tracks. Since it became such a huge hit (over one million downloads!) Buffet Libre once again collected a bunch of artists doing a new set of covers. This time it also features the sounds of the '70s and '90s. Mojib was recruited and Buffet Libre, along with several blogs, will be releasing his version of Radioheads "Paranoid Android" on January the 1st. Check out Buffet Libres website for more info!



For Martin

Early this morning my dear friend Martin passed away after being diagnosed with cancer two years ago. I really don't know what to write here since it still hasn't sunken in but he was always supportive when it came to my music. I'll miss him terribly and wanted to share our work with you. He inspired me in so many ways and was a big part of why my music sounds like it does. While struggling with his diseas we created The Requiem, a mix that meant a lot for us both. If you haven't you can read more about it and download it by clicking here. I know that it would mean a lot to him. A big thanks to those who took the time and emailed Martin when we shared the mix back in 2006, I know it meant a lot to him even if he didn't reply to you all. I'm also glad that so many people have downloaded Whimsical mixtape since the second part was dedicated for him, and I'm glad he got to listen to it before he left us. So my dear friends, take the time and listen to what we wanted to share with you, this is my litany for his friends and family. /Staffan AKA Mojib



08.10.23 - Mojib returns

Whimsical Mixtape

"Whimsical mixtape" is finally released! N Records/Nightly Builds releases the anticipated mixtape which follows last years critically acclaimed debut album "Whimsical lifestyle". Read more about the project and enjoy the release, for free! Click here to download! A limited CD version will be available by the end of the year.



08.02.12 - Reviews, iTunes, podcasts and Buffet Libre

More reviews are being published this month and in the latest issue of the Canadian magazine Exclaim! they write:"...His original approach to structure and content is a refreshing bout of musical experimentation. Ulmert isn’t falling into a genre; he’s creating one." You can read the complete review here. Textura, another Canadian magazine, will publish their review in the February issue but you can already read it here. The blog community has been very positive about the album too, including The Fast Life, All Things Go, Eardrums, The Lemur Blog, Bibabidi and beats™ presents: Hot Biscuits. We love the bloggers who support and write about Mojib and in the last couple of days we've found articles from our European friends at Morning Chronicle (French), Side of the Blog (Spanish), Abraham and Kristoffer (Swedish), More Volume (UK), The World Forgot and Streetkiss Music (French).

Whimsical Lifestyle is now available at digital distributors, including iTunes. Check your favourite MP3 store and support Mojib by buying the album.... Although we actually prefer that you buy it using our own online store since you get it cheaper and you get access to our VIP MP3 Vault. If you want to buy the CD version but do not have Paypal, CD Baby are selling copies.

"Buffet Libre DJ's Tour 08" will be kicking off their European tour this month in London. Catch Mojibs remix of theGo! Team live this month, mixed and mashed into the three hour set of Buffet Libres show. Check out dates and locations here.

Mojib will be featuring on Electronic Explorations next week, a show that is all about "electronic music’s hottest property, a deviously crafted patchwork of carefully sewn rhythms, sonic contortions and delicate melodies.". The podcast, hosted by Rob Booth, will be up for grabs on iTunes and features a brand new thirty minute mix made by Mojib.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who has payed for and bought the album. Your support keeps us going, independent too.

08.01.12 - Digital release

As of today you can buy and download the new album in glorious DRM free MP3s. High quality encoded files for the silly amount of $9 USD. Cheap and iPod friendly! That includes access to the MP3 Vault which recently got updated with a special version of "Break of dawn" from an upcoming mix. So if you haven't bought the album, read more by clicking here!

07.12.05 - Mojib - Whimsical lifestyle ships NOW!

No more delays, no more pre-orders, the album is being available worldwide as of today. For a super low price you can get your copy of the album here (audio clips from the album here). To everyone who has supported us, stuck with us through the delays, thank you! Support the music and get yourself a copy today!

Reviews are coming in and just yesterday Sputnik music wrote "It feels extremely conceptual and well-planned. From such a powerful music scene as Gothenburg, Sweden, it is no surprise that Mojib keeps his music so relevant to current musical trends. Luckily, he never falls into any traps of cliché style, and remains original, if not riding along rather than pushing ahead. His calculation for success is perfect". You can read the full review here.

07.10.18 - New release date

Due to technical problems with the packaging Non-Existent Recordings had to change manufacturing plant at the last minute. This makes the album release date slightly delayed and we are now aiming to get it sent out on November 9. We apologize for the delay but make sure that we are compensating and plan to offer pre-orders something extra in the MP3 Vault. Passwords for the Vault will be sent out to costumers in the next couple of days. Make sure that you don't miss out on this special event by pre-ordering the album yourself (ships worldwide!) or listen to album clips here. If you have any questions about orders, email NXR.

We would like to take this opportunity and thank the international press Quart (HU), FMusic (JP), Planet Pop (ESP), LA New Shit (FR) and Haoneg (AR) who took the time to write articles about Mojib this week. We also don't want to forget our US friends Deamtime mix and Circles of concrete who only had nice things to say about upcoming album tracks.

07.10.12 - Mojib in the NME

The UK music magazine NME wrote about Mojibs latest remix, Radioheads "Videotape" from the "In Rainbows" album. See the article here. It also made the indie blog I guess I'm floating, Stereogum and news site Blender. Several other blogs, Radiohead sites and news papers have taken notice and after twenty-four hours the remix is, according to BuzzTracker, one of the most blogged music news today. Although the remix was a bit rushed and not quite finished the overall response has been very positive. Download the remix here and of course, don't forget to order Mojibs debut album here.

In other news, Mojib plays his favourite music from the Mowax record label on the Mowax podcast on iTunes. Search for it on iTunes music store or head over to the most excellent Bare no more website for more information. Mojib has also been featured on several blogs this week, most recently The Milk Lounge, Keeping it right radio, Side One: Track one and A complete list of blogs and printed news paper articles and interviews will be put online soon. Please be assured that you have our greatest respect and gratitude for your insightful support so far and we look forward to the continuing company of you all as our journey continues.

07.08.27 - Pre-orders for the album begins!

Mojibs debut album, Whimsical Lifestyle, is finally ready to be pre-ordered. The album hits stores on November 9 but you can pre-order it today and have it shipped to you on release day! The CD itself comes in a very beautiful digipack, and international shipping is available. You can hear clips from the album using the audio player at the bottom of this webpage or download it as an MP3 by clicking here. The album retails at $12 Canadian dollars, roughly $11,25 USD or £5,6 GBP plus shipping. Order here! All pre-orders will receive access to the MP3 Vault, more info here.

"Non-Existent Recordings from Canada is proud to present, 'Whimsical Lifestyle', the professional debut album of Gothenburg, Sweden's Mojib. This project features 11 meticulously crafted songs, with a diverse array of musical sounds, combining beautiful pop melodies, solid, intricate drum patterns, bittersweet piano keys, acoustic guitars and electronic synths. One can see how capable Mojib's reach is when it comes to the music he creates, from listening to songs such as 'The Garden Part Three', featuring no percussion, allowing the sound of haunting vocals and piano melodies to lead the song, 'Home is Where the Heart Is', with its thunderous drumming and sounds of vocal protest, or the title track 'Whimsical Lifestyle' with its bright, uptempo rhythms and melodies bringing back memories of the innocence of childhood."

The album is designed and illustrated by the very talanted London based artist Claire Scully. "Claire takes her inspiration from the often overlooked within everyday life and puts it through a process of mutation and subversion to create a mix of playful humour with sinister undertones of conflict. Using a mix of drawing, painting, screen-printing, photography, digital and more recently moving image, Claire’s personal work depicts the relationship between both herself and nature with her urban environment." See and learn more about Claires work at 4Wall or her personal website, The Quiet Revolution.

We are very proud to finally offer orders for the album and wish to thank everyone who patiently waited to its release.


Order Mojibs debut album

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